tax advice letters
Tax advice letters

How long does it take to compose an advice letter or email? Hours? Days?

Can you be sure you have covered all the points?

Over the past ten years in helping thousands of accountants, I came to see professionals were getting stuck not just in the area of checklists, but in writing to clients.

Why were professionals getting stuck?

Tax law is complex.

There has never been book containing draft advice letters on key reliefs (see detailed list below).

So I decided to write the book:

It's taken:

  • 14 months.
  • 500 hours of research: each letter took several days to research, draft, edit and approve.
  • 40 years' professional tax experience.

Now it's over to you to make the most of it.


But don't delay!

This book is a unique once-off limited edition.

It will not be republished.

Only 500 copies will be printed and we expect pre-orders to reach 200 this week.

Key features:

  • 112 well-written letters.
  • 250+ pages (see detailed contents) below.
  • Includes soft copy (Microsoft Word). Microsoft-Word-Logo
  • Verifiable footnotes to legislation, Revenue manuals, appeal decisions.

Key benefits:

  • Your staff can learn from the book allowing you to focus on clients and practice development.
  • Quickly follow up a meeting with a letter or email covering the key points.
  • Saves hours and weeks of research time and improves your firm's efficiency.
  • Helps you avoid costly advice errors.


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