Tax guide 2016


What is tax guide 2016?

A handy tax reference containing 90+ pages of tax rates, tables, reliefs, exemptions, and tips.


Income tax: charge to tax - residence - income tax rates (including back years) - exemptions - Schedules - personal reliefs and tax credits - other reliefs - capital allowances - losses - double taxation -self assessment - Revenue powers - appeals 

PRSI: What is PRSI? - PRSI rates - PRSI classes 

USC:  standard rates (including back years) reduced rates (including back years) surcharges - exempt - income levy

Corporation tax: charge to tax - residence - corporation tax rates (including back years)- reliefs - losses - self assessment - Revenue powers - appeals

Capital gains tax: - charge to tax - residence - capital gains tax rates (including back years)- exemptions - reliefs - self assessment - Revenue powers - withholding tax - appeals

Value added tax: - charge to tax -supply of goods - supply of services - registration - property transactions - VAT rates (including back years)- taxable amount - cash receipts basis - self assessment - mini one stop shop (MOSS) - Revenue powers - appeals -

Capital acquisitions tax: - charge to tax - CAT rates (including back years)- exemptions - reliefs - self assessment - Revenue powers - appeals

Stamp duties: - charge to tax - rates of tax (including back years) - exemptions - particulars delivered - self assessment - Revenue powers - appeals 

Local property tax: - residential property - unoccupied property - uninhabitable property - liability date - LPT rate - Household charge (HC) - Non-Principal Private Residence (NPPR) charge

Social welfare: Benefit rates (30.03.2018) tax-exempt benefits - taxable benefits

Finance Act 2017: section by section summary 

10 ways to save tax: receive tax-exempt income - maximise your personal deductions and credits - become self-employed - use your non-domicile status - transfer your business to a company - receive capital gains rather than income - have a holding company sell your business - become non-resident - pass assets tax-efficiently - be tax compliant 

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