TaxMagic 2020 Front Cover
Tax Magic 2020

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An easy to read guide to the Irish tax system for business owners, professionals and employees.

What is tax magic 2020?
The only guide that shows you, in simple steps, how to reduce your tax bill - covering income tax, PRSI, USC, corporation tax, capital gains tax, stamp duties, with specialist chapters on farming, marital breakdown, tax planning, and pension planning.

The tax guide that shows you how to cut your tax bill:
   - Chapter 1 Tax basics
   - Chapter 2 Income tax
   - Chapter 3 PRSI
   - Chapter 4 Capital gains tax
   - Chapter 5 Corporation tax
   - Chapter 6 Value-added tax (VAT)
   - Chapter 7 Capital acquisitions tax
   - Chapter 8 Stamp duties
   - Chapter 9 Farmers
   - Chapter 10 Charities
   - Chapter 11 Marriage breakdown
   - Chapter 12 The inspector calls
   - Chapter 13 Wealth magic
   - Chapter 14 The tax magic formula
   - Chapter 15 Pensions

   - Packed with tax saving tips and case studies
   - Real life examples throughout
   - 275 pages

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